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Summer 2020 news

Even though we have been on lock down we have still been busy Scouting online. Some of the kits ready to go out to the Beavers, Cubs & Scouts together with envelopes full of badges they have earned.

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October news

We have had a busy month with a swimming gala, the Beavers came 1st and the Cubs and Scouts both came 2nd. Well done to all that took part.

Later in the month we did pumpkin carving.  Then tidied our storage locker at Big Yellow Storage and cleared lots out ready for our Halloween party - the highlight of the month for our young people!

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Group Camp at Fairmead

September 2019

This year our Group camp was all about space. The youngsters had to come up with questions to ask both Tim Peake and Mark Shuttleworth who have both been in space.

Some of the many activities that we did over the weekend included crafts, air rockets, water rockets and solid fuel rockets, making and racing moon buggies, making a rocket shaped roundabout, navigation by stars, a space movie or two and even some of our food was space like with rocket lollies and eggs, space ice cream and more, while all the time dodging the wind and rain and camping.

At the end of the weekend we invested 4 Scouts to the troop and awarded Lucy her Wood Beads to show she has completed her training. Well done Lucy!

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